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Read the heading again. One more time: Done? Great job!
The only adequate description for Amazing Ypee is “THE NEXT BIG POP SENSATION OUT OF NIGERIA”

 Read that heading one more time, again! Born, Ismail Oluwadamilare Sa’ad, the 21-year-old pop singer known to many as Amazing Ypee, is a promising new act who got signed to T_One Nation in 2016. He started music professionally in 2010, and has since then released numerous hit singles including; Yakata, Oyoyo, Common, Don’t Fight Me, among others.

Don’t Fight Me, being the most recent of all is currently enjoying buzz all over. The maestro, who also doubles as the in-house producer for his label T_One Nation, has worked with many budding producers, and artists, alike. Including, Dre San, Anahcruzy, Dj Baddo, AY.com and label mate, Sauce, to mention but a few. 

As we’re still jamming’ to Don’t Fight Me, the ACZ crew caught up with the Lagos-based singer. Here is an excerpt of the interview…

: Hi bro. What’s up?

: I’m good, as you can see. I’m doing great!

Yeah yeah! Everything’s great. How the thing na?
==>The industry has been great. [Still great!] Everything’s working out.
Your new jam, Don’t Fight Me, is hot right now! It’s ‘pon pon’ music. What do you think ‘about the new mid-tempo Afrobeats wave?
==>Of course, it’s been a success, since the release. I give glory to God. Back to your question, I think pon pon is the new wave out of Africa, and its here to stay. It’s all about versatility. Since I knew pon pon’s the new trend, I have to give my fans what they want.
That unequivocally implies you’re a pop artist?
==>Yes, I am. Pop rocks!
Well, what ‘about uniqueness, don’t you think it matters to stand out?
==>Listen to my sounds, attentively; you’ll notice I’ve carved a niche for myself.
The vibe, lyrics it’s different.
OK. But, you do write like… Wait, do you write all your songs?
==>Yes, I write all my songs!
You write like Wizkid Like, trying’ to navigate from theme to theme in just one song. What do you say ’bout that?
==>Jumping a’int part of my stuffs my lyrics are well arranged and composed. Checkout Common, Don’t Fight Me.
But, in a situation where braggadocio is mixed with love like the “Entered the game, as a King Kong…” stuff?
Laughs…. You making reference to Don’t Fight Me. well, there’s no crime in that, as long as you are still able to pass the main message across.
That’s a Wizkid thing! Don’t you think you’re similar?
==>I am Amazing Ypee he’s Wizkid two different personalities. We’re different!
So, who are your influences?
==>Chris Brown, I really look up to him. Others are Akon, Wizkid, Kiss Daniel, Wandecoal, Omawunmi. They have a major influence in my career!
Do you rap?
==>Yes I do. But occasionally
Let’s talk ‘about you! (Laughs) Are you in school?
==>Yes, I am. University of life and music (Laughs)
Ha-ha. You’re with T_One Nation, how did that deal happen?
==>It was God. My elder brother introduced me to the team. So from there they believed in me. And after about three months, I got signed.
So, after “Don’t Fight Me”, what should we expect?
==>Quality music! Got over hundred jams in my arsenal Just stay tuned I’m dishing out more music before the year runs out.
Which and which artists will you like to feature?
==>Working with Wande Coal will be a dream come true for me.
You produce all your songs? Don’t you think it dampens creativity?
==>I don’t think so. In fact, it unleashes the beast in me!
What gives you inspiration?
==>God! And the people around me
So who is that lucky lady?
==>(Laughs) let’s leave that…
You’re a Muslim, How does it affect your music?
==>See bro. They’re two different things. My religion cannot affect my music. Religion is religion… Music is business and Music to me is a full time job
What of family? Are they supportive?
==>Sure. 100%
So any last word to your fans?
==>To all my fans out there, i say a very big thank you for the support. Keep supporting, Amazing Ypee i won’t let you guys down! Thank you and God bless.
Finally Wizkid or Davido?
==>Both are doing great. I would rather sit on the fence.
Thank you for your time!!!

Connect with Amazing Ypee on
Instagram: @AmazingYpee
Twitter: @Amazing_Ypee
Facebook: @Ypee-Oluwadamilare.

From the ACZ crew we say thank you for your time see you all in our next episode of the Artiste Chat Zone with Tapzy ET Tyla as we bring to you another astonishing artiste….

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