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From Abeokuta to the World: The Evolution of DJ Salam



I repeat, it’s a year for the DJ’s. Spinall, Xclusive, Baddo, Neptune, E-Cool, Enimoney. Rrrr. All are making waves.

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The DJ culture which was pioneered by Jimmy Jatt, in those days, have grown up to an influential part of the music industry. Thank God for Afrobeat, the industry is booming. But, DJ’s holding a major part of the industry, playing a very important role, especially in how music gets to fans. Many music blew up because a DJ played them. All Radio stations have DJ’s, no show without a ‘turntable’, not anymore. And, blogs curate Mix occasionally.. The DJ Movement ain’t small again.

DJ’s have moved from just spinning to doing singles, even albums. And, they’re all going in for the “Khaled Money”.

But, every year, if it’s not Spinall, it’s Neptune or Jimmy Jatt, and it seems like there are no new DJ’s getting buzz, in the industry. Of course, there are many. That, if possible, will get a Next Rated Award. One of them is Superstar DJ Salam!

Born Abiodun Salami, the Abeokuta-native is a Spin Lord, who successfully balances his DJing skills, with creative control (he does singles, features artist and hypes his stuff) and to cap it all, he’s a blogger. Towing the path of Blogger-DJ’s like DJ Baddo and More Muzic.

Over the years, he’s kept himself as consistent as possible, on the scene. Dropping bangers back-to-back. He has songs with Amazing Ypee, Roiea, Yomi SARS, Danny S, Kenny Mix and lots more.

On this Edition of Nex2Blo, we have him here. And, in this interview, he talks about how he has evolve as a DJ, and how he began the DJ journey at a very tender age. He also talked about how he juggles the blogging with the DJ job, his most embarrassing moment on stage and his forthcoming single “Atenu” with Hamwise.

Sit back, Read and Enjoy…

*Can we meet you?*

Yeah..! I’m Salami Abiodun popularly known as Dj Salam

*How did you come about the name: DJ Salam?*

Well, I got the name from my last name “SALAMI”.

*Why choose Disc Jockey as a profession?*

Due to my love for music, I choose DJ as a profession. You know no one is close to music than a DJ.

*Impressive… Tell us a little a little bit about your educational background.*

I went to Borem private school here in Ogun state for my primary education, also went to African church grammar school for my secondary education. Currently in Federal college of education Osiele, for my tertiary education.

*The journey thus far into the Disc Jockeying world how has it been?*

My journey into Disc jockeying… Umm. I do like to say, Spinning is my mission and its part and parcel of me, I need to make it to the top. I don’t do DJ for fun!! It’s my business, and it’s my mission. But, honestly the root is somehow bitter but, I have been looking forward to the fruit. The fruit is so sweet…

*You’ve worked with so many artistes can you mention some of them?*

Yeah! I have work with so many artistes, but I will give a list of those i am opportune to have singles with.

I dropped my first single “OGBONA” (hot) with Micheal Ade Ft Blaq Wheezy & Prince Naso. thereafter I released MUJO with Mikky J. OYOYO with Amazing Ypee was released in the year 2017. I must confess Amazing Ypee is really talented just like peak, it’s in him. After OYOYO was released, I released 2 songs subsequently for the street one was titled TRAMADOL with Roiea and has fate would have it I collaborated with the Ege crooner Danny S and we dropped the Street Jam HUSTLER ANTHEM. Later in the year I released ELENIYAN with Kennymix and SHAKU SHAKU with Yomisars. Etc

*Wow!! You big bro… How were you able to achieve this feat? Is it grace or luck?*

I would say hard work.

*What’s your relationship with your fellow DJs and how big is the competition in this industry of yours.*

Um! Everyone na a boss for hin lane. I’m Not an upcoming DJ nor a big DJ. We’re all striving to the top.

*From your social media posts, it seems you a strong believer in God?*

He his first in me.

*First in you, (Sic) Please explain further?*

Whatever I do, I put God first…

*DJ Salam you blog, you Mix and you promote (3 in 1) tell me how you doing it?*

Lol!! I got this same questions every time.
My answer is, never relent one will surely work out… It isn’t easy!! But I had to put effort, bring good music, support and raise good music.

*But we all know we in a dog eat dog industry. These people you supporting are they supporting you too?*

Actually. I don’t expect such…! I do it so I can rise… I want rise as I lift others…

*That means you pulling a Davido on us… you believe in his statement: We rise by helping others?*

This code has been working for him so let us all use the key.
In a nutshell we rise by helping others?


*Love your spirit. Away from that, what’s your most embarrassing moment on stage?*

OMG!!! (Lol). I could remember the day I played a burial song at a baby dedication ceremony! It was a huge mistake then and I’ve learnt from it.

*How did the celebrants felt after the incident?*

Everyone knew it was a mistake. I scratched it off immediately and bounce on a nice tune and the crowd were like wow…

*That’s cool. Any regrets so far?*

Regret? Never. Every regret must be rejected.

*What are your plans for now?*

I still have a lot to do. I have many songs to drop, likewise mix tapes. And many shows to host.
This is just the beginning.

*Who is the lucky girl?*

Am dropping a mixtape soon titled See Mary See Salam. Actually am just planning on it.

*(Lol) is that the name of the lucky girl?*

Yeah (Lol) let’s leave that aspect.

*So which artiste are you featuring next?*

Hamwise and the song is titled Atenu.

*We looking forward to that. When will it be released?*

After my new mixtape.

*Alright we anticipating. So, what are your advice to your fellow DJs and those aspiring to be one?*

To those that are involved in the game!!! Please don’t relent. Keep your faith alive and believe one day you will blow up. To those aspiring to be a Disc Jockey the competition is real and be ready to pay the sacrifices the profession entails. Its not easy but with consistency there will be light at the end of the tunnel.

*Nice one. So who are your influences?*

Dj Xclusive
Dj Spinall
Dj Neptune

I will say also Dj Baddo

*Final words to your fans?*

The should expect something big from me.. and keep supporting the brand DJ Salam the Incredible.
I pray I won’t disappoint them!! Ese Fans Mi💪

*Thank you for your time. From all of us at Nex2blo, we appreciate your kind gesture and the warm reception.*

God bless the team, I’m incredible.

From all of us at Nex2blo we appreciate our readers and lovers of our platform wholeheartedly. You want an interview? Feel free to reach out to us.

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1 Comment

  1. Won Dah

    May 23, 2018 at 7:17 pm

    Shout out to the BADDEST DJ “DJ SALAM! ”
    Jah bless

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