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Meffizy Olarz: The Erratic Rapper You Should Get Familiar With…



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It can always be too late, you know. Support, you no support and then boom, they sign the guy and you start looking for screenshots of old chats, like say you be Uche. At that moment you start re-posting all around. Most times, those type of support are too late, and don’t usually count again. But now, you always have the chance to get familiar. Infact acquaint yourself to fast-rising and promising acts. Of course you can’t start famzing every artist you know, but you know there are some that stand out.
One of those guys is Meffizy Olarz, one of the most, should I say erratic rappers we’ve met. He’s so determined, he can do anything just to be heard (including scandalous stunts.)
When we met Meff, we noticed he loves LRR rapper, Oladips. In his words am in love with Oladips. Not so suprisingly, he’s deeply inspired by the “O’sure” rapper. And from time to time, he’s not failed to deliver his talent on songs you just have to love. From “Connect” to “Love” to “Hustler’s Anthem,” he’s been doing his thing lowkey, and has been getting the attention he deserves. What’s next? Na to blow ojere…
New songs are definitely in the works, and particularly collaboration with “Ebeano” rapper, CannyAce. And, Meffizy is still gonn’ deliver before the year packs up.

While he’s waiting for his dream label DMW to sign him, and his dream collaboration with Oladips, Nex2blo reached out to the Lagos/Ogun state based rapper and boom we had this fun filled interview…

*Who is Meffizy, can we meet you?*
Meffizy is an artiste, who does rap music basically and a social kind of person who loves the afro pop genre and highlife. In a nutshell, I’m music.

*You are music? That sounds impressive… So, when did music started professionally for Meffizy?*

Yes I’m (Smile). Professionally music started for me in the year 2016. I recorded and released my first official song that year.

*In a nutshell, you 2years old in the industry… So, how is the journey so far?*

The journey hasn’t been really cool but we thank God. There are ups and downs but it’s been good.

*You’ve released lots of singles and your latest Hustler Anthem what inspires the song?*

I’ve released couple of songs and the turn up has been quite impressive, hustler’s anthem was inspired by the grinds and hustles of youths today.

*That’s cool…. Since the release of Hustlers Anthem, what are the fans saying?*

There are been good and bad remarks and also reviews but it has been a turning point to a great kick off. What’s coming next is bigger.

*Few weeks ago, Digital stores was a trending topic among bloggers and artistes some opined it’s unwise for an upcoming act to embark on such form of promotion. Hustlers Anthem was promoted on Digital stores and you were one of those in support of DS promotion. Did you record any sales from the song?*

Hum (Sigh) being one of the supporters, I keep saying the money or profit wasn’t the main focus but we have to take risks because we would either learn or earn. it has been impressive so far i must reveal.

*You’ve tested the waters… Is it wise for an up and coming act to promote on digital platforms or it pays to use normal blogs for free download?*

It’s ok. It’s a choice. I’m dropping my next official track free and every other tracks i drop before then would all be free but i would still visit digital stores in 2019.

*You’ve come a long way and you one of the music influencers on social media what’s your relationship with your fellow artistes and like minds?*

I’m just a nigga who associates with his fellow artistes. I’m humble and i want to be more humble because it’s the best way to live the good life. Humility makes me take everyone has my own blood.

*You a rapper and singer don’t you think this dampens your creativity or we say it’s versatility?*

I would say i’m only trying to be versatile and it’s awesome that way, I wouldn’t neglect my vocals because i want to rap.

*You close to Sleezy and Quasar some even argue you guys are inseparable what do you have to say about this?*

Only God understands how we became that close

*Some squabble you guys are just mere noise makers on social media how true is this?*

(Lol)…those ranting about us would become the fan captain to us as music makers and not noise makers.

*Hmm… Few weeks ago you made headlines as regards your post on a particular rapper who said majority of rap artist are whack. What do you have to say about this?*

Well, I’ve said all i should say and i would still say that no one is over dope.

*Are you a whack rapper?*
(General Laughter) I’ve no response, i prefer you ask are you an up and coming rapper? And i would respond yes but i’m blowing up soon.

*What’s the genesis of your beef with Limerick and why upset with his concept of whack rappers?*

It was so annoying that i had to spit out. Although i didn’t mention his name

*You’ve worked with many producers… Who are they?*

I’ve worked with different producers since 2016 and they’re all good. Keezy sounds, Maino mart beat and recently Crespin beatz my next official single would be in September and hopefully it will be produced by Amazing Ypee.

*Impressive…Which underground act do you look up to?*

I love everyone doing their thing and I’m impressed with the grinds, I look up to Leke Lee and Romeo Max basically. I respect Cannyace, Armylace, Tpops and co.

*Who are your influences?*

Firstly, i would say the whole DMW crew when it comes to Afropop. Then Adekunle Gold if we’re talking of highlife and for Rap music i would gladly say Oladips or better still Reminisce.

*What is your dream collaboration?*

My biggest dream for now is Meffizy Olarz ft Oladips but we could also be part of DMW and i also can feature Davido.

*DMW, do you’ve any relationship with the crew?*

Presently there’s none. But hopefully very soon there would be. We’ve to claim what we need. Just remember Meffizy whenever you come across DMW. I would say yes if you say any relationship with YBNL or LRR because Davolee, Lyta & Limerick are my guys till date, also in LRR I’ve Oladips. We just waiting for God’s time

*Are you in any relationship?*

Oh yes. I’m in a relationship. Just the normal thing we all do.

*(Laughs)… Who is the lucky bae?*

(Lol) Music…
*General laughter*
You wouldn’t want to see those girls fight…

*Final words to your fans?*

You all should watch out for the brand Meffizy and also support me massively on social media. Spread the love on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and beyond. Follow me up and note that the best is yet to come. On IG @meffizyolarz God bless #teammeffizy

*Any shout-out?*

Yes and it goes to the Nex2blo team for this great interview. Maximum respect to Sleezy boy, Tylz and every of my fans that are giving me massive supports.

Thanks for your time bro….

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