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Nex2blo | Mode Real’s Walk to Stardom Begins Here



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Mode Real’s walk to stardom, all begins here.

He murked Reminisce (no disrespect), and he can murk (whatever this means) about just any rapper you bring to him. He’s the best around here, he’s bringing more PRBLM to the “Industry,” and we’re ready. We’re ready to bang the EP, to repost the videos, to play the hits, and yeah, to shake the tables till they break.

Mode Real is young, but he’s not wack. He’s not only a bad-ass on the mic, he has been consistent on the scene, and I bet you, his time is here. Lyrical King Kong isn’t an hyperbole, you can feel that on every jam he releases. And who’s the guy that said Modo isnt good in freestyles? Come bro, you don’t have sub for IG, we’ll assist you.
Courtesy of WzupTV, T_one Nation and, here is an interview with the youngster. I asked him a couple of questions, and we had a little bit of fun. Grab some popcorn because youll definitely enjoy this.

Now, let’s break this table together!!!

*So let’s start from here. Did you think Reminisce was going to sign you when he hyped you on instagram thus leading to the Murk Reminisce challenge early this year?*

No, I didn’t. But I was thinking he could help my career one way or the other.

*You would have signed with LRR if he wanted you, anyway?*

Sure I would, if the opportunity arises. No artist would want to miss that type of offer.

*But, the repost did mean something to you?*

Very much, I was overwhelmed with joy when I saw it. It means a lot to me.

*Will you faint if it was Drake?*
(Laughs) I won’t, my reaction won’t be different. They are both celebrities. Much respect for reminisce!

*Oh, they’re both celebrities. Are you not a celeb, am i not a celeb?*

Sure, I will be a bigger one soon.

*What I’m saying is: do you really think Drake isn’t a bigger artist than Reminisce? C’mon?*
Reminisce is a big artist in Nigeria, Drake is also a big artist in Canada. Both are big artists, please.

*I no gree alaye (Lol) well come back to that. Let’s talk ’bout Industry, now. Why didn’t we get it again?*

You talking about my EP Management issue, bro.

*So, when should we expect it?*

Before the year runs out

*Damn! October, November, December. The year’s gone bro. Fix up your life!*


*I know Mode Real for “Casket,” lets talk about that track? Who was it meant for?*

(Laughs) That was a long time ago. Let’s talk about something else

*Beefing still dey your body?*

Nope, we are good friends now

*That was Slimfeez right? Is he going to be on the EP?*

Yea it was Slimfeez. Him on the EP, I’m still thinking about it.

*Oh, that means you’re not done recording the project?*

(Laughs) I have over 20 unreleased tracks and an EP consists of how many tracks? Do the math!

*Oh, you’re just picking unreleased tracks for the EP, isnt it? Do the math, too. (Ha-ha). Who else should we expect on the project?*

I’m not doing much featuring.

*Sorry, hope your management isn’t against this? I did one interview one time, and the person said management was against it. (Laughs hysterically)*

Ha-ha (Lol). Your head is not correct ooo. Who did that one again?

*Somebody. Shey make I mention name ni? Make I break this table? (Laughs)*
Mention (ha-ha)

*No lemme mention. But let me tell you, the person na girl. That’s all. So, who is your celebrity crush?*

Simi. The girl, is she an artist?

*Why you wan know the girl na. Alaye forget. Kikiki Simi. why her?*

She is beautiful and her voice is what attracts me to her.

*There are several others that are more beautiful, and probably better. I thought you’d say Rihanna or Nicki Minaj…*

I prefer local to foreign bro.

*So, you would leave Nicki Minaj for Simi?*

Lol, did you listen to my cover of bad energy? I said ti Rihanna ba toast mi tori tie miole gbafun. (If Rihanna woos me, because of you I wont accept). That’s the power of feelings and love bro.

*Obviously you weren’t singing for Simi? And it’s just a song, who can turn Riri down?*

Dont say that, you don’t know everyones mind.

*I like to ask this… What do you think of the current state of the rap game?*

There are lots of talented rappers out there, but most of those sponsors are not willing to invest on Rappers which is one of the reasons the rap game is dying slowly in the country and the fans not showing rappers much love, they love rap songs but are not willing to buy rap albums, rappers need money too.

*You proposing any solution?*

If those issues can be taken care of everyone will realize hip hop is alive.

*Is hip-hop alive?*

You know the answer too

*And seeing what you did on “Bad,” does it mean you’re going to stop being full hip-hop and go the Olamide way?*

Sure, but I will be of more hip-hop.

*But we should expect more of these Lamba’s, right?*

You don’t expect an artiste of my caliber to keep dropping one genre of music, am the versatile type.

*But you people think Baddo killed the culture with his “versatility,” don’t you?*

Music is business bro; just make sure you are getting paid. That’s the fact

*Is “Industry” a rap album?*

All genres but mostly rap

*How did you come about the name Mode Real?*

Lol, you make me remember old sweet memories. It is a long story

*But I want to believe it has nothing to do with Mode 9?*

It has nothing to do with him, but he is a rapper i respect a lot, one of the best in African hip-hop history

*You love his music?*

Sure I do

*Who are your top 5 rappers?*

M.I Abaga, Reminisce, Vector, Olamide, Mode nine. In no particular order but there are lots of rappers I respect a lot.

*Why M.I first?*

In no particular order, take note of that.

*Why did you remember him first?*

How do you line up in your secondary school days?
He is a legend and a role model to many. Including me, his way motivates me a lot

*Wait, you mean to tell me it’s according to their heights? Vector no reach Reminisce na.*

I guess you should solve that yourself (laughs)

*Let’s set the records straight, are you the president of Whack Rappers Association aka, Whackilu Nation?*

(Lol) where did you see that?

*I’m an industry insider; I know a lot of things…*

I have nothing related to that

*Is Mode Real single?*


*Modo for the girls! Are you dropping any other single before the EP?*

By God grace I will

*That should be all for now. Any shout-out?*

Shout out to everyone supporting me, my Fans, Publicists, Bloggers, Designers, Friends and Family and everyone supporting the brand, I love you all.

*Thanks for your time.*
You are welcome brother

Interview by: Joy “Black Wolf” Dennis
Edited by: Omotoyosi “Tapzy Olowu


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