We are all supposed to hold hands and get along, no matter what. Some people obviously have a problem with that simple and happy arrangement.

These days, and this year particularly, it was raining celebrity – fan spats. Though it gives us material to talk about here and elsewhere but, seriously, it’s probably too much for God to expect us to all just keep it like Adam and Eve before the devil introduced the bad apple. Not with the new apple of twitter and instagram still around.

Celebrities like their fans, true they do. But we haven’t met any that liked asshole fans. Spats and clapbacks are now sadly a consistent feature of contemporary social media entertainment industry scene. It is now almost a sub-genre of its own. We count down the most memorable of the 2016 social media celebrity – fan fight here:


  1. The girl who cursed Don Jazzy

While Don Jazzy was busy hustling after Rihanna, Abisola Olaide, aka, nicebody4real, was busy hustling after him. She didn’t leave it there too.  ‘I love you with all my heart,’ she wrote, ‘if you didn’t marry me no girl will marry you in Jesus name.’

Nobody rushed to shout amen of course.

She later dismissed the entire thing as a prank to launch her career in Nollywood. In an interview she said: ‘My dear, it’s actually a joke, but look at the way it went viral! Yes, I’m not kidding it was a joke. I actually wanted the fame and I got it, I just want to be known because I’m going into acting soon”, she said.

Wow. Nice try Ms Nicebody4real.

  1. Omotola and the fan that begged for a job


Obviously, Omotola doesn’t like fans and sob stories: beggars, in other words. But after a particular fan begged for a job the golden mom of Nollywood decided to make an exception. But not before stating emphatically that she doesn’t enjoy entertaining social media beggars. She might as well have conked on a beehive dressed in bikini. Other fans descended on her, straddling that thin line between begging for money and asking for a job. Oh dear.

  1. Kiss Daniel goes in on all of ‘em

Everybody run for cover I lick shots, screamed Tupac in one of his crazier mood songs. After winning again at the Soundcity MVP awards Kiss Daniel felt exactly that mood. He decided it was time to separate the chaff from the seeds. Obviously tired of seeing social media comparisons between he and other artistes, and obnoxious fans keeping the pecking going on all the time the Mama crooner dug in deep into his haters, the hell with them. ‘The fans came through once again last night at the #SoundcityMVP2016, Thank for awarding me the “Best Pop Artiste” of the year. See u 2017. For the haters I’m not doing music for the hype or attention, I just love MUSIC! I’ve come this far for a reason, to finish what I started. You can’t compare me to anyone out there cuz I walk a different path, no one come close to what I am. No collabo, still Winning God got me. For the day 1 fans, i hold y’all down you give me ginger I dont wanna lose you guys in a race to have more fans Esp the mommies. Thank you all for a wonderful 2016!! 2017 is gonna be a mind blowing experience for everyone. ENTER INTO THE NEW YEAR WITH PRAISE God bless,” he said.


  1. Terry Tha Rapman and the fans who didn’t like his swing of new tunes

So some people felt they deserve to offer their free and wild opinions when, following industry trends, Terry Tha Rapman decided to step away from core hip hop rap for a commercial joint. You could imagine it was difficult enough for a hip hop head and hard core artiste like Terry Tha Rapman to do something like that. He wouldn’t brook no criticism from any stupid fan about that. He came out swinging like a ninja: ‘Being in this game for so long, I can attest there’s something ideologically hypocritical from so-called fans and media who show you no support when you release consistent materials from your acclaimed genre only for them to gnash their teeth at you when you go the other way,’ he says. ‘Hiphop (rap especially) is dead and long gone thanks to fake fans & media who do not support the movement.’



  1. Yemi Alade and the fans looking for her lyrics, like Johhny

She made a video about the fans saying her lyrics are basically mumbo jumbo. Yemi did. She reminded them she makes more money than they do. That she is the celebrity and they are not. That she has a life and they don’t. That… ok, don’t lets over flog it. Yemi Alade basically asked the bad fans to squat so they can reach her high black ass. Maybe they need to stand on something to do that. We don’t know.

And then one of the critics turned out to be a freak.


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